Splitting screens doesn’t have to mean splitting attention

I realize that I do not necessarily conform to the most hip and up to date ways to utilize social media, and using two screens at a time is one of those applications I could definitely use some work on.  The reality is, people live-tweet everything from breakups to hurricanes.

comp2Yesterday I attempted to be on Twitter while watching the Creighton/Villanova game at the same time.  I found that my attention would be captured by one screen all the time.  For example, I was captivated by the statistical tweets relating Doug’s career to Larry Bird among other greats.  Additionally, my roommates and friends were in the front row of the student section and did not hesitate to tweet interesting and hilarious photos and quips from the game.

These were enough to distract me from watching most of the game, even though I had planned on doing more watching than “time wasting” in the Twittersphere.  It may have had to do with the fact that the game itself was not really that close, Doug and the other Bluejays showed up to play and it was clear Nova didn’t.

Another vice I have when attempting to double down and use two screens while watching an event and posting on social media about it is journeying away from that social media site.

I get bored very quickly on the internet and need to be doing something or interacting with the page in some way in order to feel involved.  When there wasn’t conversation I could follow or relate to on my tweet feed, I would find myself ready to click away and go on to my browsing on a different site, which only further detracted my attention from the game itself.

There is definitely a different mindset going into live tweeting an event with the intention of having two screens open for an extended period of time and just checking or posting to your account really quick in between classes.  It is interesting how diverse the mix is of individuals that use it for brief periods of time and individuals that use it to actually cover the duration of entire events at a time.

tabMy sole advice for someone interested in live tweeting, get comfortable.  Having a tablet or smaller device that can sit on your couch or lap without getting hot or needing a constant charge like my old broken laptop might be a good start.

Here is a good tutorial on live-Tweeting events I found while browsing the web that I intend to reference in the future.  Among its tips are helpful ones for reaching out to other attendees before, after and during the show, recommendations on media types to share and even tips on how to recap and blog about it later.

In the future, I will adapt to use my second social media screen more effectively and share time between the event and the device so that it will feel more balanced.  I definitely missed some of the better plays of that game in person because my head was glued to my computer screen.

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